CV of Luka Č. Popović

Academic or scientific position

Research professor (Full professor)



Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade



1985 – 1988,  Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade, graduated in astrophysics

1989 - 1991,  Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Msc in Physics  (the MSc thesis from spectroscopy of laboratory plasmas)

1991 – 1994, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, PhD  (PhD thesis in astrophysical spectroscopy)



1992 – 2001 Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrodynamics / project Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade

2002 – 2010 Project 1195 / Influence of Collisions on spectra of astrophysical objects

2010 – 2016 Project 176003/ Gravitation and the large scale structure of the Universe



1. the FP7 project Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC)

2. Member of the Management Committee of COST action MP0905 “Black Holes in a Violent Universe“

3. Member of the Management Committee of COST action MP1104 “Polarization as a tool to study the Solar System and beyond



Three projects from 2002 to 2016, with the title: “Astrophysical spectroscopy of extragalactic objects”

In three project circles no 1196 (2002-2006), no 146002 (2006 - 2010), and no. 176001 (2010 – 2016), financed by Ministry of Science and technology of Serbia



Coordinator of following international projects

  1. 1.Investigation of spectral line broadening in stellar atmospheres (project within the frame of collaboration of Serbian and Russian Academy of Science), 1998 – 2007  

  2. 2.Development of astronomical data bases (project in the frame of collaboration of Serbian and Russian Academy of Science),  1998 – 2010, 

  3. 3.Virtual Observatory as a tool for investigations of origin of galaxies (project within the frame of Serbian – France scientific cooperation') 2006-2007 

  4. 4.Nature and physics of ionized gas in Active Galactic Nuclei (project within the frame of collaboration of Serbian and Russian Academy of Science),   2008 - 2016 

  5. 5.The spectroscopy of Active Galactic nuclei and hot emission stars (Collaboration between University of Athens and Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade), 2007 - 2012 

  6. 6.Probing the structure and physics of the BLR using AGN variability (Project between Institute for Astrophysics, Georg-August University Goettingen and Astronomical Observatory, financed by Alexander von Humboldt foundationa), 2009 - 2012 



  1. 1.Member of the Scientific Committee of Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade (since 1993) 

  2. 2.Director of Popular observatory and Planetarium Belgrade (1999-2003) 

  3. 3.Member of steering committee of Astronomical Observatory (2000-2004) 

  4. 4.Member of Advisory Council on geo-science and astronomy of Serbian Ministry of education, science and technological development (since 2010) 

  5. 5.Representative of the University of Belgrade in Selection Committee of Erasmus Mundus program for master studies in Astrophysics – AstroMundus (    (Astromundus – studies of University of Insbruck, University of Tor Vergata – Roma, University of Padova, Georg-August University Goettingen and University of Belgrade)  - the president of the committee for this studies at Belgrade University  (from 2010 until now). 

  6. 6.President of Humboldt-Club Serbia (2011-2015) 



He acted as a referee for a number of national and international journals and proceedings, between them in: Monthly Notice of Royal Astronomical Society

Astrophysical Journal, Astronomy & Astrophysics, New Astronomy Review, New Astronomy, Advances in Space Science Research, Astrophysics and Space Science, Serbian Astronomical Journal



He has been a member of Program Committees in more than 20 conferences, there are series of Spectral Line Shapes conferences (see, SPIG and Serbian-Bulgarian Astronomical meetings where he was (co)chair, and particiapted in SOC. Below several recent conferences and some where he was (co)chair of Science Organizing Committee  


1. LSST@Europe2,  Belgrade, June 20-24, 2016 (member of SOC)

2. 23rd International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes Toruń, Poland on June 19-24, 2016 (see – (member of SOC)

  1. 3.X  Serbian-Bulgarian Astronomical Conference, 30 MAY - 3 JUNE, 2016, BELGRADE, SERBIA (see - member of SOC 

  2. 4.10th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
    Srebrno jezero, Serbia, June 15-19, 2015 (see - Chair of the SOC 
  3. 5.XVII NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ASTRONOMERS OF SERBIA, September 23-27, 2014, Belgrade, Serbia (see– (member of SOC) 

  4. 6.9th Bulgarian-Serbian Astronomical Conference "Astroinformatics", July 2-4, 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria – (member of SOC) 

  5. 7.9th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics (IX SCSLSA), May 13-17, 2013, Banja Koviljaca, Serbia   - Chair of the SOC 

  6. 8.Resources of Danubian Region: the Possibility of Cooperation and Utilization, Humboldt Kolleg, Belgrade; June 12 – 15, 2013  - Chair of the SOC 

  7. 9.European Week of Astronomy and Space Science - EWASS 2012, July 1-6, 2012, Roma (see– (member of SOC) 

  8. 10.25th Summer School and International Symposium on Physics of Ionized Gases, SPIG 2010, August 30 - September 3, 2010, Donji Milanovac, Serbia  - Chair of the SOC 

  9. 11.The 3rd International School in Astronomy: Astroinformatics - Virtual Observatory, June 29 - July 1, 2010, Belgrade, Serbia (– (member of SOC) 

Activity in Education

Since 2001, he is teaching students of astrophysics (University of Belgrade, Faculty of mathematics, Department of Astronomy) and students of physics at Faculty of Science, University of Banja Luka (Full Professor). He supervised 8 PhD and more than 15 MSc thesis. He advised following PhD thesis:

  1. 1.Predrag Jovanović, The influence of gravitational microlensing to the X-ray emission from AGN accretion disc, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, defended 2005 

  2. 2.Dragana Ilić, The plasma diagnostic in the broad line region of AGNs using the broad emission lines, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, defended 2008 

  3. 3.Saša Simić, The variability in the GRB ligth curves: A modification of the shock-wave model, Facutly of Science – Kragujevac University, defended 2008 

  4. 4.Edi Bon, The hidden emission of accretion disc in spectra of broad line AGNs, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, defended 2010  

  5. 5.Jelena Kovačević, The emission of   Fe II, [OIII] and C IV regions in active galactic nuclei, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, defended  2011 

  6. 6.Nataša Gavrilović, The contribution of stellar population to AGN spectra, Doctoral School of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, defended 2011 

  7. 7.Marko Stalevski, Investigating the structure active galactic nuclei: The dusty torus, Facutlty of Mathematics – University of Belgrade and Faculty of Sciece – Gent University, defended 2012  

  8. 8.Alexandra Nina, Plasma diagnostic of D-region of ionosphere usinb by VLF waves, Faculty of Physics-Belgrade University, defended 2014. 



  1. 1. Jovanović, P.,  Popović, L.Č., 2009, X-ray Emission From Accretion Disks of AGN, Signatures of Supermassive Black Holes, поглавље у књизи "Black Holes and Galaxy Formation", Eds. A. D. Wachter and R. J. Propst, Nova Science Publishers, Inc, Hauppauge NY, USA,  ISBN, 978-1-60741-703-3, pp. 249-294 

  2. 2. Popović, L.Č., Ilić, D. 2016, Active Galactic Nuclei, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University (textbook for students of astronomy, on Serbian) 

  3. 3.Popović, L.Č., Simić, S. 2016, Basic of Astronomy and Astrophysics for students of physics, Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac (textbook for students of physics, on Serbian)[co-publisher Faculty of Science, University of Banja Luka] 



Editor several proceedings and special issues, from 1995 to 2002 the Editor of Serbian Astronomical Journal and Publication of Astronomical Observatory, editor several proceedings and special issues, as e.g.

  1. 1.Popović L. Č., Dimitrijević M.S. 2007, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings Volume 938 

  2. 2. Popović  L. Č., Dimitrijević M.S. 2009, New Astronomy Review Volume 53, Issue 7-10  

  3. 3. Popović  L. Č., Kuraica M., 2010, Proc. Of 25th SPIG, Journal of Physics Conference Series, Volume 257, Issue 1. 

  4. 4. Popović, L. Č.; Ilić, D.; Jevremović, D. 2011, Baltic Astronomy, Vol. 20  

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  6. 6.Luka Č. Popović - Melita Vidaković - Djordje S. Kostić 2013, Resources of Danubian Region: the Possibility of Cooperation and Utilization, Belgrade - Humbold-Club Serbien 

  7. 7.Popović, L. Č.  2014, Spectral line shapes in astrophysics and related phenomena (special issue), Advances in Space Research, Volume 54, Issue 7 

  8. 8.Dimitrijević M.S. & Popović  L. Č., 2015, Special Issue on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Volume 36, Issue 4 


He started scientific work in field of plasma physics (Stark broadening of lines), and continue in the Stellar physics. Now he is working in the field of spectroscopy of extragalactic objects (Active galaxies, accretion discs, gravitational lens, etc.). The results of research have been published in  more than 400 references, from which more than 100 are with IF > 1 (the source ADS; search Popovic, L.C. - astronomy and physics). The H index is 26, and papers are cited more than 1300 times (without self-citation).