Dr Luka C Popovic

Dr Luka C Popovic

Department for Astrophysics


I was born in a small vilige Trnjani located in the region of   Doboj  city in Republica of Serpska (Bosnia and Hercegovina), since 1984 I am living in Belgrade


I am leading next projects:
1. "Astrophysical Spectroscopy of Extragalacitc Objects" (finansed by Ministry of Science, Serbia)
2.  "The electron-impact processes in stellar atmospheres" (a collaboration between the Serbian Academy of Science              and the Russian Academy of Science - from Serbian side)
3. "The Spectroscopy of Active Galactic Nuclei and Hot Emission Stars" (a collaboration between Astronomical                         Observatory in Belgrade and Department of Astronomy,Astrophysics and Mechanics, Faculty of Physics, University        of Athens - from Serbian side)


1. Personal data

Date of birth: 16th April 1964
Birth place: Trnjani near Doboj, Yugoslavia
Martial: Married
Number of children: 2
Children's birth dates: 10th June 1990 and 5th March 1994  [picture ]

2. Academic carrier

Year Degree University Place Subject

1988 B.A. Faculty of Science Belgrade, YU Astronomy

1991 M.Sc. Faculty of Physics Belgrade, YU Physics

1994 Ph.D. Faculty of Mathematics Belgrade, YU Astrophysics

     AvH Fellow
   Potsdam, DE

3. Professional carrier

Time period Position Name and place of institution

Teacher Secondary school, Belgrade, YU

Teacher in Planetarium Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic", Belgrade, YU

Head of Planetarium and Public Observatory Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic", Belgrade, YU

Young researcher Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, YU

Independent researcher Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, YU

1996 Senior researcher Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, YU

                Research Professor
         Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, YU

Scientific interest

I started my research work in the Laboratory for spectroscopy at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade. The problem of stark broadening of Zn II lines in conditions of laboratory plasma was my first topic and I defened my MSc in this field.
Since 1992 I have been working at the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade on atomic processes in stellar atmospheres. Especially, I have investigated the stark broadening effect in stellar atmospheres and this has been also the subject of my PhD thesis.
In 1994 I started to investigate spectral lines of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs). I am interested in spectral line shape investigation of AGNs and in modelling the central parts of AGNs by using emission lines, i.e. describing the kinematics and structure of their central parts by using the shapes and variability of emission lines of AGNs. The basis of such investigations is the knowledge of different processes which are able to change the spectral line shapes of AGNs. My special interest is to learn more about the gravitational effect that influence spectral line shapes of AGNs . This effect should be strongly visible in X-ray lines (eg. Fe  K line). Since 1999 I have been involved in a project of the Institute for Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (P6/88): 'Relativistic and Theoretical Astrophysics' and I have started to work on the problem of gravitational microlensing influence on spectral line shapes.

Now I am interested in next subjects:

1. Gravitational lensis (Influence of lensing to the QSO spectra)
2. Active Galactic Nuclei (investigation of physical and kinematical properties of AGN center)
3. Stark Broadening (Calculation the collisional parameters in stellar atmospheres)
4. Gamma Ray Burst (Modeling the mechanism for creation of gamma ray bursts)